Tuesday, 28 February 2012

A Weekend of SOAPING!!!!!

So I am trying to get myself ready for a fairly large craft fair here in Toronto for late April.  I've been soaping like crazy this weekend and I still have plenty more to do.  I also need to update my Artfire with new soapies so I figured I better get with it.  I am really trying hard for 2012 to make Sweet Sudsations a household name :)  Or at least known on the market.  LOL  I know I am a very new soapmaker here in this world wide web, but I tell you I love what I've been doing, and learning and really love my soaps.  Please take a look at what I've been busy doing.  Also you can preorder these soapies if you like just send me an email and I'll set one aside for you... www.sweetsudsations@gmail.com.

Dead Sea Mud... Great for Eczema!
Another view!  I love how this turned out!


100% Goat's Milk soap w/ No Fragrance or Colorant

Vanda Orchid.... How Pretty!


OMG this smells Delish
Lemon Biscotti

Yuzu...  You know how I love CITRUS

Hippie Chic!
Scented in Champaka.. Loving the Swirls! 

 Look out for these beauties soon to be ready Late March, but ready to ship in about 2-3 weeks!

Until Next Time



  1. Like the colors and look of the Vanda Orchid.
    If you get a chance stop by my blog and enter in
    for a chance of a 2 oz. size of my handmade soap.

  2. Your soaps are beautiful! And your YT video on bubble bars was pretty neat :)