Saturday, 11 February 2012

Diary of Cream Soap Making

So I've been pondering, and eyeing the cream soap realm, and putting off making it, because it is not an area where I have much knowledge on.  I started researching more on in recently and decided that it was about time to try it.  I've been desiring to turn my facial bars into cream soaps, for easier use.  I love my banana facial bar, and I have several customers that enjoy it as well.  It really moisturises and cleanses the skin without drying it out.  Anyway... So I found a recipe online to try out from a member of the cream soap forum.

So... I started my journey... Here are pictures of my journey thus far.

This was the start of my journey, after
the soap traced and my cook time was
to begin
This is 2 hours into the cook time, I've added my
supercream and am about to stir!
Boy is it stiff at this stage.
Cream soap after 24 hrs of resting.
 Added paraben free preservative and water and aloe juice.
Let's see if this works
Ok after about 5-10 min mixing. I need a stand mixer
 for this my poor arms.

Ok like 20-30 min of mixing. I'm stopping here wishing
I had a stand mixer and refusing to give up my kitchenAide.
 I will let it rest another day and whip some more tomorrow.
 It's so tempting to lick the spoon but I know it's not food.
 Consistency is like whipped cold cream cheese.
Not sure if that's right but I know it needs to rot for like a month.
I'll try and start up a blog and will continue this story there.
 Bought another crock pot today. Was going to go to
thrift store but Walmart had it for like $15 which is
 the same I saw at thrift store. 

Ok whipped for like 10 min after another
24 hrs. Much softer today.
 More like a thick frosting. Now I shall let it "rot" for
4 weeks. See u then.

Ok So that was my journey so far... I will post up pics when the 4 weeks has past and I colour and scent the soap.  I've been keeping an eye on it since I made this soap a week ago and it is softening quite nicely and it is even glistening.  I really hope this works out nicely because I am developing my banana facial bar into a cream soap recipe so I can try it out when this cream soap is ready!

I hope you enjoy my blog posts and will subscribe and continue to follow me.  I hope to be updating at least once per week.

Happy Soaping guys

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